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A Day As a Princess: Our Co-Author Fantasy Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

When we were in West Virginia for the Locked Up in West Virginia book signing, Alicia booked an amazing best friends princess fantasy photoshoot for us at the gorgeous Oglebay Park in Wheeling, WV.

Alicia and I seriously had the best time taking pictures with Kristin Laing of Ruthylee Photography. She definitely had an eye for style, and was able to take some incredibly artistic pictures for us to celebrate our Hidden Legends Universe.

I had a great time pretending I was a faerie, splashing in the fountains at the park, and Alicia looked like she stepped straight out of a fairy tale in her blissfully blue gown. One little girl even tugged on her mother's arm to ask, "Is that Cinderella?" as she walked by, which was absolutely adorable. It was sprinkling on and off, which made for a truly magical shoot as some of the rain coming down through the sunlight made for sparkling photography.

Of course, I had to have a dagger to compliment my (stabby) personality for our joint pictures, and Alicia had to hold a wand in order to celebrate her witchy side. This photoshoot definately complimented both of our personalities and was so much fun-- when we weren't lugging around tons of books and props in our ballgowns, of course! Kristin ended up being a great help with that.

Overall, it was a beautiful day in the mountains of West Virginia, and I can't wait to do another photoshoot with my best friend. It was certainly a special day I won't soon forget.

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