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A full list of Megan Linski titles that are free to read, some with free audiobooks! Includes instructions on how to read all of Megan Linski's titles, even on a budget!

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Where Can I Find Your Books?


You can find Megan Linski titles on all platforms, including Amazon, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, and more. Megan also sells digital content direct on her PayHip store.

If you’re reading on a budget, or are a Kindle Unlimited exclusive reader, there are plenty of opportunities for you to continue (or start) reading Megan's books, even ways to get audiobooks at a reduced cost or free! Check out the options below.

Free Titles


Megan has multiple books that are all free for you to read and download on any platform that sells ebooks, including on her and her co-author's direct stores. The audiobooks are free on select platforms, including Spotify, Apple Books, and Google Play. All the free books Megan offers have links at the top of this page.



Megan is currently working on uploading her audiobooks to YouTube so that you can listen to them for free on your browser or in the app! More audiobooks will be coming soon. You can find her YouTube channel here.

Subscription Services


Scribd is a book subscription service. For $11.99 a month, you can read as many books as you’d like on their platform. Besides ebooks, you can also listen to audiobooks for free, as well as read magazines and listen to podcasts. 


Kobo Plus is another subscription program where you can find our books. For $9.99 per month, you can access their library of eBooks and audiobooks. 


TuneIn is a popular audio service. TuneIn users get access to popular music, radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks.

At $9.99 or $11.99 a month, that’s a steal, and (in Megan's opinion) a better deal than Kindle Unlimited, since you get more than ebooks with the subscription (and if you tack on an Audible subscription at $14.99, you pay even more— that’s $24.99 you pay to Amazon for two subscriptions, versus $11.99 for one Scribd or KoboPlus subscription for the same amount of content). Plus, both programs offer the first month free when you sign up.

Library Services


If you don’t like subscription services, you have a few options to check out Megan Linski titles through your local library.

Overdrive is an ebook and audio service where you can check out books through your local library. All you need is a library card. Through Overdrive’s Libby app, you’ll be able to find a list of titles your library offers, and borrow ebook copies through the app, including Megan Linski titles. You can even send these titles to your Kindle app through Libby. You can learn how to download and use the Libby app here.


BorrowBox is another app that you can download to get books for free from your local library. When you activate your library card with BorrowBox, you can get free ebooks and free audiobooks on loan. They even have specialized apps for ereaders and Kindle products.  You can find out more about how to use BorrowBox at

Hoopla is another library service where you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks for free, as well as stream movies and other sources of entertainment. They also offer comics, music, and TV shows as well. Sign up at and search for Megan Linski titles there.


If your library doesn’t offer Megan's titles through one app or service, you might be able to find it on another! We suggest contacting your local library and requesting her books so they can be made available to you through the apps above. Try all library services to see which one works best for you.

A Note About Piracy


This is just a gentle reminder that when you buy a book, download a book through a subscription service, or borrow a book through a library app or platform, the author gets paid. The amount we get varies depending on which avenue you take, but these are all legal, ethical ways to read books.

Piracy, or downloading books for free off a torrent site, is stealing and against the law. Authors work very hard to keep producing these books, and without being paid for our work, authors could no longer write or publish. Authors have even stopped writing sequels to bestselling series because piracy prevents them from continuing to work on beloved books. This is all Megan does for a living, and as such, she asks to be paid for the countless hours she invests in her fictional worlds, so she can continue to support her family, her community, and charitable causes.

Your support, even through avenues like library borrows, is very important! Please do the right thing by compensating authors through whatever platform works best for you. We authors love our fans— please love us back!

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