Below is a collection of audiobooks written by Megan Linski, performed by various narrators.

Hidden Legends: University of Sorcery

The Wolven Mark_audio.jpg
The Dragon Oath_audio.jpg

Hidden Legends: Academy of Magical Creatures

The Fire Prophecy_audio.jpg
The Elemental War_audio (1).jpg
The Water Legacy_audio.jpg
The Earth Legend_audio.jpg
The Air Omen_audio (1).jpg
The Soul Sacrifice_audio (1).jpg

Hidden Legends: Prison for Supernatural Offenders

The Villain Institute_audio.jpg
The Criminal Lair_audio.jpg

Angels & Demons

Torrent Audiobook.jpg
Torture Audiobook.jpg
Truth Audiobook.jpg
Boxset Audiobook.jpg


AloraEbook (1).jpg
Sign of the Griffin Audiobook.jpg