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The Shifter Prophecy is a young adult paranormal series where vampires battle werewolves. The forbidden love story of a vampire princess and her wolf shifter alpha is told in this magical and suspenseful series about royalty, family, and war. A retelling of the Russian legend of Princess Anastasia and the Romanov dynasty. This series is suitable for ages 16+

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The Shifter Prophecy Book One

Vampires and werewolves shouldn't fall in love.


I am Lysandra, and I was born to bring an end to the shifter line.


As the heir to Dracula’s throne and the descendant of Princess Anastasia, I live in a castle of witches and human blood servants. Since birth, I've been prophesied as the one who will eliminate our greatest enemies... werewolves.


Alongside my destiny, I'm engaged to a dark vampire prince. The marriage will bring two noble covens together to rule. My path has been chosen for me, but unexpectedly, everything changes.


I discover a dying wolf in need of my help. I take him into my care and quickly fall in love, unable to explain the magical connection between us.


If we’re discovered, we’ll be put to death. The only way for us to be together is to bring peace between the pack and the coven.


But how can I stop the war when my worst enemy is my fated mate?

Winner of Amazon's Kindle Scout Competition.

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The Shifter Prophecy Book Two

Vampires and werewolves discover betrayal…


I am Lysandra, and I am lost in the woods of Romania.


Exiled from my vampire coven and torn from the arms of my mate, I’m searching for the elusive location of the mysterious den of wolves. I made a pact; find Lisar and his pack, or die trying.


But the wolves find me. I make a fragile bargain with the pack’s leader. If I become one of them, I will be allowed to live with my mate in peace. Fail, and my execution is imminent. 


When shifters are found murdered within pack boundaries, shredded to pieces by a monster hiding in the shadows, I become a prime suspect. Caught in a dangerous game where one misstep could become fatal, I’m forced to prove my innocence, and solve the mystery of who has betrayed the pack without becoming a victim myself. 


Yet the traitor could be among us, and if I don’t stop this, my love story with Lisar could be at stake…

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The Shifter Prophecy Book Three

Revenge bites back. 

I am Lysandra, and my mate and I are out of options. 

Everything has fallen under Csar Dragomir’s domain. To survive, I must prove myself to a hidden coven of vampires, and rise to become the leader of a rebellion. 

Valentina has summoned an army of witches against me and cast a curse upon the wolves. If a cure is not found in time, the curse will be the end of the shifters… and the end of Lisar. 

Can our love withstand its greatest trial yet? Or has our romance doomed what’s left of the pack, and any kingdom that I may claim?

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The Shifter Prophecy Book Four

The future of the vampires— and the fate of the shifters— rests upon the shoulders of Russia’s last heir.

I am the only surviving member of the Romanov family, save for my father, and now is my time to rule.

My worst enemies are around every corner, hunting for a mystical item that will change the course of the war. Using clues left behind by my ancestor, Princess Anastasia, I must find a way to end this fight for good.

Then tragedy strikes, and it will change our love story forever. I’ve sworn to put everything on the line to bring down a tyrant whose madness knows no end, yet how can I do so if I don’t remember who I am?

In the final conclusion of what began as the star crossed tale of a vampire princess and her wolf, one will make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

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Books 1-4

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski creates a spellbinding paranormal fantasy world where vampires roam, wolves hunt, and true love reigns.


Lysandra is the heir to Dracula's throne and the descendent of Princess Anastasia. Prophesied to bring an end to the shifter line, Lysandra is destined to lead the vampires in a war against their sworn enemies, the werewolves, and eliminate the pack forever.


Her fate is quickly altered when Lysandra falls for a dying werewolf, and lends her aid to nurse him back to health. Unexpectedly, a bond is formed, and the two enemies become fated mates.


Lysandra finds herself the leader of a rebellion that will unite the vampires and werewolves into one. But monsters, cunning witches and cruel kings oppose her, leaving Lysandra no choice but to fight for her forbidden royal romance.


The future of the magical races is intertwined with the crowning of Russia's last heir. Lysandra will either bring about a new dynasty, or her star crossed love story will come to a bloody conclusion.

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