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The Razberry Sweet series is a young adult contemporary high school trilogy. This coming-of-age romantic dramady features friendship and first love in this story of a teenager finding himself. Suitable for ages 14+.

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Razberry Sweet Book One

Seventeen-year-old Raz uses his gift for acting to hide the truth of who he really is. After being a target for the bullies at his high school, he’s sworn that this year, he’s going to reinvent himself. Instead of the shy theater geek he’s always been, he’s decided to portray a new identity so he can belong. Getting noticed in a small town is difficult, especially when you’ve got Raz’s reputation— because last summer gave him a secret. 

Video camera in hand, Raz decides to make a movie that’ll put him in the spotlight, working together with the biggest misfits, outcasts, and rebels the school can put together. As Raz's misadventures continue, he discovers fitting in and finding himself is scarier than navigating his first kiss.

But keeping up an act is harder than it looks, and Raz is about to learn that accepting who you truly are is better than putting on a mask.

A coming-of-age high school contemporary novella, Anything But is a young adult story about self-love that’s funny, touching, and full of friendship. The first book in the Razberry Sweet series.

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Razberry Sweet Book Two

Raz has been offered the chance of a lifetime— a trip to Hollywood, to prove his acting skills to the world and shoot his shot at stardom.


This vacation is one he’s never going to forget. He’s in California to land a lead role, but chasing his dreams won’t be as easy as he wants to believe, and his friends aren’t as supportive as they once were.


Raz has a decision to make. Torn between his crush and his future, Raz is unsure if he’ll see his name in lights… or if everything will come crashing down.


A young adult coming-of-age story, the second book in the Razberry Sweet series is a heartbreaking story about discovering who you are and finding where you belong.

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Razberry Sweet Book Three

Raz is in college, and his world is about to change.


After years of auditioning, Raz finally lands a role on his favorite show, and is hired to work for one of the biggest studios in Hollywood as a main actor. At the same time, his college acting class has voted to make him director of the school’s next big production, and they want to portray his script on-stage.


Keeping up the balancing act of being a star and directing a bunch of theater kids at the same time is no laughing matter. Too bad no one told the theater kids.


Torn between fame and the play, Raz realizes what he really wants out of life. It might just be his best friend, Maymee. But being in love is more complicated than he thought, and Raz isn’t sure he’s brave enough to tell her how he feels.


To stand up for what he believes, Raz will have to give something up. In the end, he finds not even his worst mistakes can get in the way of his happy ending.


A college young adult novella, the last book in the Razberry Sweet series is hilarious, heartfelt, and full of friendship.

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Books 1-3

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski compiles a hilarious young adult love story about finding yourself, discovering where you belong, and coming of age in this heartfelt high school trilogy.

Seventeen-year-old Raz has always been an outcast. As a shy theater geek, he was a target for bullies at his old school, but now he's sworn to reinvent himself with a new identity. Raz has decided to become famous, and he'll do anything to be in the spotlight, despite having a big secret to hide.

Raz's misadventures find him creating a film with the biggest misfits and rebels of the school, navigating his first kiss, and on a trip to Hollywood itself. During his journey he finds himself making new friends, facing his enemies, and even falling in love.

But how far will Raz go to fit in? To shoot his shot at stardom, Raz will have to decide between being himself, or putting on a mask.

The Razberry Sweet Series: Books 1-3 is a young adult contemporary romantic comedy. This funny, touching, and heartbreaking novella trilogy will have readers crying tears of laughter, sadness, and joy.

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