Hidden Legends:

University of Sorcery

Fae sorceresses bond with shifter mates in this royal fantasy series.

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The Dragon Oath.jpg
The Alicorn Court.jpg

Hidden Legends:

Academy of Magical Creatures

Elementals raise magical creatures in this emotional academy series.

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The Water Legacy.jpg
The Earth Legend.jpg

Hidden Legends:

Prison for Supernatural Offenders

Supernaturals go to the dark side in this villain-inspired prison series.

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The Criminal Lair.jpg
The Infernal Underground.jpg

Angels & Demons

Heaven and hell wage holy war in this paranormal romance saga.

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The Shifter Empire

Royal vampires and powerful werewolves face off in this forbidden love story.

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Song of Dragonfire

A servant bonds with dragons in this reverse harem medieval trilogy.

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The Kingdom Saga

A princess becomes a thief in this epic retelling of the 1001 Arabian Nights.

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The Rhodi Saga

Superpowered assassins fight for a free world in this Asian-inspired fantasy.

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Rhodi Rising Bestseller).jpg
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Standalone Novels

Single novels and serials you can read in a day by Megan Linski.

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Shared Worlds

Universes written by multiple authors that Megan Linski has participated in.


Contemporary Fiction

Modern-day romances and young adult novels.

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Creatures of the Lands

Magical creatures battle for peace in this high fantasy world, co-written by Megan Linski and Krisen Lison under the pen name of Natalie Erin.