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Villains wage war for dominance at a supernatural prison where the bad guys join together to save... or destroy... the world. In this enemies-to-lovers dark fantasy romance, magic reigns supreme, danger lurks around every corner, and temptations ignite within a steamy and seductive saga.


The Prison for Supernatural Offenders series is part of the Hidden Legends Universe. It is set within the same world as the Academy of Magical Creatures series, the University of Sorcery series, and the College of Witchcraft series. Suitable for ages 18+.

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Hidden Legends: Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Book One

Love is even more dangerous behind bars.


My name is Ava-Marie, and I love living on the dark side.

Getting into trouble is kind of my thing, but one night, I take revenge too far. I’m sentenced to a reform school for magical delinquents... though really, it’s a prison.

As the only supernatural who can control both fire and water, I’m already a target. To make matters worse, I literally share a soul with Charlie, a sexy inmate from the wrong side of the tracks. Surviving at the Institute is almost as risky as falling in love.

But there’s a way out. The Warden is offering a pardon for the team who wins the Darke Games— a sick, twisted competition where more prisoners come out dead than alive.

They think I'm the bad guy. I'm about to show them just how much of a villain I can be.


I shouldn’t be at the Institute. I’m in here because of her— the girl who claims to own half my soul.

After losing my sight, I grew up as an orphan, banished from magical society. I learned enough on the streets to survive the gangs and fight clubs inside the prison. But nothing could prepare me for the Darke Games.

Ava-Marie is my worst enemy, but if we’re going to break out of here, we’ll have to get along. Yet the more I let Ava in, the more I want her. I can’t let my desire for her get in the way of my one chance at escape.

Except it already has. There’s a dark power inside of Ava that terrifies me...

And none of us will be prepared when it unleashes.

A Reader's Favorite Five Star Read.

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Hidden Legends: Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Book Two

Love can be criminal.


I was always good at being bad, which is why I’m the last person you’d expect to save the world. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a choice.

I’ve learned my prophecy has something to do with the Elves, an incredible magical people that went extinct a century ago. At a paranormal prison where evil runs free, there’s more to discover about the Elves than I ever expected. As my investigation continues, I receive messages from the gods, who seem certain I’m the magical world’s only hope for survival.

But I’d better watch my back. The Warden has something up his sleeve, and if I’m not careful, I just might get mixed up in the greatest supernatural discovery of all time...


After surviving the Darke Games last semester, my performance didn’t go unnoticed. I’ve been recruited for an elite opportunity— a chance to compete in the underground fight club on campus. Participating will earn me privileges I can’t pass up, so if I want to run this prison, I’ll have to become the top fighter in the league.

Ava has asked me to learn more about the Elves and help her decipher her destiny. But what she doesn’t know is there’s more to the prophecy than she realizes. With every answer we uncover, the closer I come to causing the demise of the woman I love.

I’ll do whatever it takes to protect Ava. Even if it means saving her from herself.

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Hidden Legends: Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Book Three

Love takes a scandalous vow.


Things at the Institute look darker than ever. I’ve lost all my friends, my hope, and the person I love.

To make matters worse, the prison is planning something nefarious. Experiments are being performed on inmates at the Institute, to satisfy the Warden’s craving to find a demigod.

I’ve sworn to uncover the Warden’s plans, and go underground to learn just what he’s plotting. Unfortunately, I can’t find answers without putting my soul on the line.

And the consequences are going to propel me straight to the afterlife.


The Warden promises the Institute is safe, but I know better. He's hunting people down... people like me. To protect us all, we must start a revolution.

I must step up and become the leader everyone is searching for. I've decided to start teaching magic in secret to a group of prisoners I trust. When the time comes, we’ll be ready to face our enemies.

Students are disappearing from the prison, and we don’t know where they’ve gone. Now, I’m next in line to vanish.

But there’s a way around the law. To remain where I’m needed most, Ava and I will have to make a promise that will change our entire lives.

Sharing a bed with the enemy is one thing. Marrying her is another.

Winner of Best Co-Authored Book of the Year 2022 by Once Upon A Book

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Hidden Legends: Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Book Four

Love becomes unchained.




Nothing can scare you when you’ve already died.


Caught between the realm of the living and the dead, I’m not the same person I used to be. I’m darker, crazier… and nothing’s going to stop me from ruling over this prison.


The merfolk key is linked to a legendary assassin, and Kallie might be the way to find it. If we’re going to save the Elves, my friends and I will have to resort to unsavory methods. I’m getting justice for my past, and taking revenge no matter what the consequences.


My prophecy will test just how far I’m willing to go. If I truly want to stop the end of the world, we’ll have to go to the one place every inmate fears…


Cellblock 9.




The Warden nearly stole the love of my life away. I’m determined to protect what’s mine with everything in me. He thinks he can lock me in this cage, but I’m prepared to show him just what a villain can do.


Our demigod powers grow stronger by the day, and soon, nothing will be able to contain us… contain me. There’s nothing I won’t do to fulfill my destiny.


One way or another, we’re escaping the Institute, and raining hell down on whoever stands in our way.

Winner Best Book Friends 2023 (Ava & Kallie) by Once Upon a Book

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Hidden Legends: Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Book Five

Love is villainy.


I escaped the Institute with my partners in crime, and now we’re going to make the world pay.

We’ve never had more fun than when we’re out on the streets, committing crimes and robbing banks. My husband and I have sworn to become the greatest supernatural crime lords the magical world has ever seen, and we plan to make good on that dark promise.

I have thousands at my command, but even in the midst of my rule, I fear Charlie is taking things too far. Reality is beginning to bend, and I’ve decided to craft this world to what I decide it should be.

I promised that I’d make our enemies burn for what they did to us.

Now I’m going to love igniting the flames.


The magical community is ours for the taking. I’ve stepped into the position I was born for, and have become a mob boss operating within shades of gray. I’ve chosen to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps, to obtain power and lead the Elven crime family back into glory.

To steal the vampire key, we’ll have to pull off the perfect heist, and go deep into the criminal vampire nest known as The Devil’s City.

No crime is off the table. Nothing is going to stop me from achieving what we set out to do, because I’m willing to gamble everything I have.

But I never thought one mistake would cause my luck to run out.

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Ava-Marie is the most powerful supernatural that’s ever lived– and the most dangerous. The only elemental who can cast both Fire and Water, she’s sent to the Darke Institute for Supernatural Offenders for her crimes. Inside this magical penitentiary, monsters roam free and most inmates don’t come out alive.

Charlie’s at the Institute because of Ava-Marie, but he’s far from innocent. After losing his sight and growing up on the streets, he knows exactly how to outlast the gangs and fight clubs inside the prison. A bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he’s sworn that Ava is his worst enemy, and he’s seeking revenge now that she’s put him behind bars.

But at this prison, the inmates are the prey, and the Warden is keeping deadly secrets. To survive here, enemies find themselves becoming lovers… and villainy is set free.

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