Hidden Legends: Prison for Supernatural Offenders

The Prison for Supernatural Offenders series is part of the Hidden Legends Universe. It is set within the same world as the Academy of Magical Creatures Series by Megan Linski and Alicia Rades. Each Hidden Legends series takes place within the same world, but in separate and unique societies. The Hidden Legends universe features college-aged protagonists attending magical academies, dual points-of-view, disability and diversity representation, and sexy times. Every series stands on its own, and they can be read in any order.

The Villain Institute

(Prison for Supernatural Offenders #1)


Love is even more dangerous behind bars.


The world of the Elementai returns in a series that's darker and sexier than ever before. Serve your sentence at the Institute, a prison for supernatural delinquents where the sentences are cruel and the punishment even worse.

Fae, witches, angels, vampires and elementals are jailed at this penitentiary. If the inmates don't kill you, the guards will...

Unless you can prove your innocence, and escape the Institute alive.

Enter the Hidden Legends Universe and discover The Villain Institute! 

©2020 by Megan Linski.                                 

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