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This page lists short story and poetry collections by Megan Linski.

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A Short Story Collection

The Author's Grimoire is a collection of short stories from various worlds Megan Linski has created. This exclusive bonus content within the short story collection cannot be found anywhere else.

Stories are from the following series;

University of Sorcery

The Shifter Prophecy

Angels & Demons

The Kingdom Saga

And More!

The Author's Grimoire is only available to subscribers of Megan Linski's VIP List. It is an exclusive gift for members of Megan's fan club.

Click the link below to join and receive your copy!

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Hidden Legends Short Story Collection Book One

At these supernatural academies, romance is enchanting and friendship is magical.

Become immersed in a world where magic is around every corner. In this short story collection, witches battle ghosts, fae hunt monsters, and elementals discover mythical creatures at magical schools where danger lurks in the shadows. Break out of a supernatural prison and fall in love, all while seeking adventure at paranormal universities in tales that are both funny and full of heart!

This anthology includes never-before-seen shorts told from the viewpoints of your favorite Hidden Legends characters, although reading the Hidden Legends novels first is not necessary to enjoy these thrilling stories!

This short story collection includes the following tales:

  • The Hidden Forest (Academy of Magical Creatures, Imogen and Jonah’s perspective)

  • The Secret Passage (Academy of Magical Creatures, Imogen and Jonah’s perspective)

  • The Silver Crown (University of Sorcery, Odette and Theo’s perspective)

  • The Music Box (College of Witchcraft, Talia and Grant’s perspective)

  • The Midnight Breakout (Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Kallie and Marcus’ perspective)

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Hidden Legends Short Story Collection Book One

This short story collection features exclusive content set in the Hidden Legends Universe that can only be found in this collection. Stories include;

  • The Dragon's Test (Academy of Magical Creatures, Haloke's perspective)

  • The Once-Dream (University of Sorcery, Emma and Ethan's perspective)

  • The Haunted Tournament (College of Witchcraft, Nadine and Lucas' perspective)

  • The Crimson Ribbon (Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Ava-Marie and Charlie's perspective)


The Hidden Vault is available exclusively as a free gift when you sign up for the Hidden Legends Fan Club.

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A Fantasy and Paranormal Short Story Collection

A collection of fantasy and paranormal bonus short stories written by USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski. These stories tell tales of witches, dragons, princesses, angels, wolf shifters and more. Some stories feature sweet romance, while others are more passionate in nature. These stories are exclusive to this collection and cannot be found anywhere else. Featuring emotional romance, shocking romance and captivating storytelling, this collection is a short read that can be enjoyed in an afternoon or less, perfect for breaking out of a reading slump.


Don't wait to grab Eerie Tales today!


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A Contemporary Short Story Collection

In this young adult contemporary short story collection, teens navigate the difficulty of high school, experience heartbreak, and find new beginnings. These stories tell tales of lonesome teenagers, strained friendships, broken families, and bitter goodbyes. Some stories feature sweet romance, while others are darker in nature. All of these stories are exclusive to this collection and cannot be found anywhere else. This collection is a mini-read that can be completed in an hour or less, perfect for wiping the slate clean between series or starting new titles. 


This is the first short story collection by USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski.


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A Poetry Collection

The first poetry book by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Megan Linski. 


Journey through this small collection of poems as the author recounts her teenage and early college years, each line describing a young woman's adventure through life, love, faith, and loss.


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