Creatures of the Lands

Creatures of the Lands is an epic fantasy series co-written by Megan Linski and Krisen Lison under the penname of Natalie Erin. It is suitable for ages 14+.

Kiatana's Journey

(Creatures of the Lands #1)


I’m Kiatana, and in my realm, animals can speak, faeries rule, and shifter-vampire hybrids hunt mortals. 


A dragon and his rider have brought war to my world, and a dark force threatens to steal my throne. I’ll embark on a quest to defeat the evil conquering my land, but a traitor hides in plain sight.


The undead will rise, friends will fall… and I end up falling for the man I least expected.


This is my kingdom. It’s time to fight back.

Vera's Song

(Creatures of the Lands #2)


I am Queen Kiatana. Five years have passed, and the realm has been at peace-- but that peace has come to an end.


A storm brews with the awakening of a prophecy, and my son is stolen from my arms. I’ve become the target of a horrible plot to devastate the realm. If my enemy succeeds, my kingdom will fall.


I will stop at nothing to save my son… even if it means losing the throne.

Wyntier's Rise

(Creatures of the Lands #3)


I am Prince Kennu, and the destruction of my world is imminent. 


Sixteen years have passed since my mother fought for the realm. A new king has risen, and no one who opposes his rule is allowed to live. People are disappearing, brainwashed by magic, and our cities have fallen to the rule of a tyrant.


Darkness is rising, but the realm won’t die without a fight. I will summon my friends and band together to do what our parents will not: assemble the resistance. 

Vixen's Fate

(Creatures of the Lands #4)


My name is Soran, and a battle swiftly approaches my homeland. 


My friends and I are desperately trying to sustain the resistance, but the king’s armies are at our gates. The prophecy is rapidly coming true, and there’s no end in sight to all the carnage. 


Blood will be shed, and lives will be lost in the largest battle the realm has ever seen. We will fight for the freedom of the realm… or die in the process of protecting it.


(Creatures of the Lands #5)


I am Midnightstar, and I am on the brink of losing my mind.


Vampire-werewolf hybrids have overrun my territory and taken the land hostage. Trapped within strange visions and new magic I don’t understand, I discover I’m the last skygazer… the only remaining connection between the land of the living and the world of the dead.


Famine and war are claiming young and old. My cry will lift over the realm to join the rebellion… and the very stars will shift at my command.

Angel's Rebellion

(Creatures of the Lands #6)


I am Prince Kennu, and it is here the rebellion will make its final stand.


With only days left to live, I gather my friends against the king in a last-ditch effort to save the realm. This battle will determine the fate of all, and against all hope, a new empress will rise… the weight of a new dawn on her shoulders.


Freedom must be obtained at any cost. Either friendship will conquer all, or the king will bring about the end of all things.


The result will be eternal.

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