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The Creatures of the Lands series is a high fantasy young adult saga co-written by Megan Linski and Krisen Lison under the penname of Natalie Erin. The series features dragons, sword fights, sorcery, magical creatures, romance, and adventure. It is suitable for ages 14+

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Creatures of the Lands Book One

Animals can speak, fairies rule, and shifter-vampire hybrids hunt mortals in the Lands, a realm full of magical creatures with danger around every corner...

Kiatana is a reluctant princess of the realm. When a dragon and his rider crash land into her territory, they bring a dark force into her world. A plague takes over the land, causing the undead to rise and creating an army of terror.

With the help of two wolf pups and her pegasus, Kiatana embarks on a journey across the realm, to find the cure and save her kingdom. Along the way, she ends up falling for the man she least expected.

Unfortunately for Kiatana, a traitor hides in plain sight, and the only way to save her magical creatures is to fight back…

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Creatures of the Lands Book Two

A storm brews with the awakening of a prophecy...


Five years have passed since the battle for the Verinian Forest, and a new threat is on the horizon.


Kiatana's young son, Kennu, and his Changer, Allie, have been abducted from their home, a target of a horrible plot to devastate the realm. Another quest is undertaken, to find the young prince and bring him back to the forest. If Kiatana fails to find her son, her kingdom will fall and she'll lose her throne.


To save the children they love, one of Kiatana's friends must be sacrificed. Death is approaching, and afterward, nothing will ever be the same…

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Creatures of the Lands Book Three

A new generation begins…

It has been a decade since Kennu was rescued from the clutches of a madman intent on enslaving the realm. Now a new king has risen, and he will stop at nothing to obtain power.

People are disappearing, brainwashed by magic, and cities fall to the rule of a tyrant. No one who stands against the new regime is allowed to live. Kennu and his friends gather together, vowing to bring this monster to his knees.

But how can a group of teenagers stop the most ruthless villain the Lands has ever known? Kennu promises he will do what others will not: assemble the resistance…

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Creatures of the Lands Book Four

The fight for freedom ignites…


The heroes of the Lands are desperately trying to sustain the resistance, but the king's armies are at the gates. The prophecy is rapidly coming true, and blood will be shed. Kennu is trapped within a downward spiral he can't escape, while his cousin, Soran, tries to save him during a war of which they cannot win. Soon, all of them will have to choose between what is right and what is easy in a battle of epic proportions unlike any have ever seen.


Meanwhile, across the ocean, Reagan is lost within the depths of the Verinian Forest. To outrun the vampire-shifter hybrids that track her every move, she'll have to align with an unlikely ally, and seek sanctuary within the kingdom of the elves.


Each hero will fight for the liberation of the realm... or die protecting it…

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Creatures of the Lands Book Five

The savior of the Lands is losing her mind…

Vampire-werewolf hybrids have overtaken the lands, and taken the realm hostage. Trapped within strange visions and new magic she doesn't understand, Midnightstar is running from both her pack and her destiny.

Famine and war are claiming young and old. During her journey, Midnightstar discovers she is the last skygazer… the missing link between the land of the living and the world of the dead.

Midnightstar is the only she-wolf who can prevent the Lands from falling into slavery at the hands of evil, yet voices haunt her at every turn. If she cannot master her magic, the Lands will fall.

Her howl will lift over the realm to join the rebellion… and the very stars will shift at her command.

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Creatures of the Lands Book Six

"It's not goodbye. Even though it may be the end."

The rebellion has chosen to make its final stand. There will be one last battle, the outcome of which will determine the fate of the realm forever.

Prince Kennu has days left to live. With the last of his strength, he gathers his allies against the king in a last-ditch effort to unseat him from the throne. Despite being heavily outnumbered, freedom must be obtained at any cost.

Either friendship will conquer all… or the king will bring about the end of all things.

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The Complete Series Box Set


A fae princess desperate to save her realm.
A dragon rider running from a dark past.
Together, they inspire a new generation... one that will begin a rebellion.

Enter a six-part fantasy epic where animals can speak, fairies rule, and the land of the dead has power over the realm of the living.

Elves battle shifter-vampire hybrids, wolves run the pack, and magic is king in a realm where kings and queens go to war. In this special box set of forbidden love and captivating realms, true love is put to the test in an emotional saga that believes friendship can conquer even death.

Will you survive a world where a tyrant king reigns?

Join the adventure and binge the complete series today!

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