Song of Dragonfire

Books 1-3

I am Fliss, a slave to the king. When a local dragon demands payment, I am offered by the king as a sacrifice to the monster… though the dragon is more than what I expect.


The dragon is actually a gorgeous man, a curse cast upon him by a beautiful enchantress. Only one pure of soul can end the spell upon him. The dragon will set me free if I end his curse for good… but the closer the dragon and I become, the less I want him to let me go.

Except he's not the only one. The dragon has two brothers... and all of them want me.


I have roused the wrath of the gods, but this time, I'm fighting back. I will either tame the tortured beasts inside, or my life will be consumed by smoke and flame.

This is a Reverse Harem novel.

©2020 by Megan Linski.                                 

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