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The Song of Dragonfire series is a slow-burn reverse harem romance series, where the heroine finds the first member of her harem in Book One, and the other two members in Books Two and Three. It is a high fantasy medieval love story based on a Polish legend. It is suitable for ages 18+

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Song of Dragonfire Book One

I am Fliss, a slave to the king.

When a local dragon demands payment, I am offered by the king as a sacrifice to the monster… though the dragon is more than what I expect.

The dragon is actually a gorgeous man, a curse cast upon him by a beautiful enchantress. Only one pure of soul can end the spell upon him. The dragon will set me free if I end his curse for good… but the closer the dragon and I become, the less I want him to let me go.

I will either tame the tortured beast inside… or my life will be consumed by smoke and flame.

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Song of Dragonfire Book Two

My name is Fliss. After gaining my freedom, I thought I'd live out the rest of my life in peace, but war is about to begin.

My dragon, Smok, has sworn to protect me, yet he can't stop what's coming. I have roused the anger of the gods, and there will be no mercy.

Then I discover a shocking secret. Smok's brothers are still alive, and they desire to claim me as their mate. With three dragons at my side, I must reassemble history, and discover who has been hunting me since my birth.

Will my dragons be able to save me from the wrath of the gods, or does fate have other plans?

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Song of Dragonfire Book Three

I am Fliss, and my magic has abandoned me.

After suffering a painful defeat and barely escaping with my life, my dragons and I are on the run. My sister will stop at nothing to end my existence and prevent me from taking my rightful place over the realm.

A war of gods and men has broken out across the kingdom, and we cannot fight it on our own. I must seek out the city of sirens, and repair the magical community that’s in shambles if we’re to win.

The goddess of song will rise to battle the goddess of chaos… and the victor will change the world forever.

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The Complete Series Box Set

Fliss is a slave to the king. She has no freedom— until her dragons come looking for her.

The first dragon makes a pact. Release him from his curse, and he will set her free. But he's not alone. He has two brothers, and all of them want Fliss.

Yet Fliss has ignited the wrath of the gods, and they're coming for her.

Her quest guides her across medieval Poland, to lands of fae kings and queens. Fliss and her dragons battle monsters and giants, make deals with mermaids, and awaken the dead in an attempt to stop a war that has left the magical community in shambles. 

The goddess of song will rise to battle the goddess of chaos. The victor will rule the realm… or destroy it.


Song of Dragonfire is a story of unconditional love, of finding self-worth, of believing in yourself, and accepting forgiveness. 

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