Kingdom from Ashes

(The Kingdom Saga #1)


I am Princess Bennua. The sultan has sold me off to a cruel king on the outskirts of the desert. All my life I’ve been owned and enslaved by men, and this is no different.


But another seeks my hand-- roguish killer and king of thieves, the Raider Prince. 


I’m stolen away to the Raider Prince’s city of darkness and enchantment. Here, I learn to fight, to steal… and to rule.


Now my kingdom is in danger. To save it, I’ll have to give up everything I’ve become… and relinquish my freedom forever. 


It would be easy if I hadn’t fallen for the man who kidnapped me. 


Love is dangerous. But if anyone comes between the Raider Prince and I…


They. Will. Burn.

Fallen From Ashes

(The Kingdom Saga #2)


I thought war was over once I became queen.


I was wrong. War has just begun.


Not all are willing to follow a woman in power. Civil war erupts in my city, shattering all sense of peace. To hold onto my throne, I’m going to have to do something desperate.


I have to seek out the god of this world.


Yet I am powerless against the wrath of demons and devils. Finding an abandoned lamp in the desert, filled with a magically inept djinn who needs a master, only complicates things.


But it’s not enough. If I want this war to end, I have to offer a devastating sacrifice.


I will lose… everything.

Redemption From Ashes

(The Kingdom Saga #3)


It’s been three years since I saw the devil himself possess someone I used to care for. Now he’s destroying our world, devouring the souls of men.


My dreams are filled with nightmares. My days are full of terror. Cities burn. Entire communities are slaughtered. And cruelties beyond imagining run rampant.


I carry the only hope for the realm within me. Guided only by blind faith, I realize I play a crucial role in the war between angels, djinn, gods, and men. My destiny will determine the fate of the desert-- and of its future.


I will bring the world to its knees. My only hope isn’t revenge. It’s redemption.

Prince of Fire

(The Kingdom Saga #4)


I’m Zayde. Master thief lord, wanted criminal… and college student.


I can’t wait to graduate from Ashana University. I went to school to make my mom happy, but honestly, I’d rather be robbing jewelry stores than going to class.


Until she shows up. The literal girl of my dreams.


I’ve been having these nightmares… one where I believe I’m some prince of thieves, and the girl in my history class is a queen.


Crazy, right? Except it’s really not. My history professor tells me he used to be our djinn, and that Bashira and I are reincarnations of the Raider Prince and Queen Bennua. We’re back to save the world once again.


It would be hard to believe if weird, magical monsters didn’t keep popping up on campus.


Bashira’s scared of our destiny. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. She says she’s no longer in love.


I’m about to change all that. She’ll be mine again. And this time, there’s no way I’ll ever let her go.

Dawn From Embers

(The Kingdom Saga #5)


I am Princess Tanvi, and I have become a refugee in a cruel desert that seeks to kill me.

My kingdom was destroyed, and I had no choice but to run. I found myself in the city of Ashana, under the rule of Sultan Zahid and Queen Bennua. I attempted to steal something of theirs to preserve my life, and was captured. As payment, I'm forced to become a servant to their eldest daughter, Ameera, and must hide my true identity. No one can know that I have magic. 

But the queen suspects that I'm hiding something, and is watching my every move. To make matters worse, I’ve fallen in love with her son... Prince Tamarik, the Mad Stallion of Ashana…

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