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The Kingdom Saga is a romantic Aladdin retelling based on the stories of the 1001 Arabian Nights. It is a Middle-Eastern historical fantasy series full of handsome thieves, angels, djinn, and magic. Suitable for ages 16+

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The Kingdom Saga, Book One

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski weaves a Middle Eastern historical fantasy based on the 1001 Arabian Nights. Forbidden love and royal romance ignite in this Aladdin retelling of a princess’s fight to rule her empire. 

Love will ignite


I am Princess Bennua. My father, the sultan, has promised my hand to a cruel warlord on the outskirts of the realm. The desert of Sahrahn is a dangerous land of ruthless bandits, endless battles, and captivating magic, and most do not survive its fire. 

Though the cruel warlord plans to make me his prisoner, another takes me captive; the roguish killer and infamous king of thieves, the Raider Prince. 

I’m stolen away to the Raider Prince’s city of darkness and enchantment. The Raider Prince trains me to become a thief, teaching me how to wield a sword, seek out coin, and deceive our foes. 

The Raider Prince is handsome, kind, and dangerous. I find myself falling for the man who kidnapped me, unable to tame my heart’s desires. There are many enemies amongst us, and we must wage war if we are to rebuild our kingdom from the ashes. 

Love is dangerous. If anyone comes between the Raider Prince and I…

They will burn.

Kingdom From Ashes begins a legendary fairy tale of Arabian lore and Middle Eastern mythology. This young adult enemies to lovers romance features suspenseful action, thrilling adventure, and undying love. This is the first book in The Kingdom Saga. 

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The Kingdom Saga, Book Two

Love blazes eternal.


I am Queen Bennua. I thought war was over once I began my rule, with the Raider Prince at my side as sultan.


I was wrong. War has just begun.


To some within my kingdom, a woman in power is dangerous, and I have become a target. An unknown enemy with ties to Zahid’s past has risen up against me, erupting a civil war within my nation that shatters all sense of peace. To defeat my newest rival, I’ll have to seek out the god of this world.


I must find Alshams, the legendary deity of Sahrahn, and bring the phoenix to my sultanate so that my people may know peace once again. When I find an abandoned lamp, filled with a magically inept djinn who needs a master, it only complicates things.


My love for Zahid is strong, but the desert is treacherous, and I am powerless against the wrath of demons, monsters, and the devil himself. If I want this war to end, I have to offer a devastating sacrifice.


The greatest pain I have ever known will cause me to fall to ashes. But I will rise from them once again, and the phoenix will take flight as I ignite my foes into flames.

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The Kingdom Saga, Book Three

Love redeems all.

I have failed to protect the ones I swore to defend. The devil himself has overcome this world, destroying Sahrahn and devouring the souls of those who encounter him. 
My dreams are filled with nightmares. My days are full of terror. Cities burn, entire communities are slaughtered, and cruelties beyond imagining run rampant as the god of death unleashes his power upon the desert and my people.
A divine message descends upon me, prophesying that I am to play a crucial role in this devastating war between angels, djinn, and men. I carry the last chance for the realm within me, and cannot afford to lose again. Guided by nothing but blind faith, my destiny will determine the fate of my kingdom, and the future of those who inhabit it.
The love Zahid and I share will bring the realm to its knees. My marriage is the one thing standing in the way of darkness claiming this land forever.

My only hope isn’t revenge. It’s redemption.

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The Kingdom Saga, Book Four

I’m Zayde. Master thief lord, wanted criminal… and college student.


I can’t wait to graduate from Ashana University. I went to school to make my mom happy, but honestly, I’d rather be robbing jewelry stores than going to class.


Until she shows up. The literal girl of my dreams.


I’ve been having these nightmares… one where I believe I’m some prince of thieves, and the girl in my history class is a queen.


Crazy, right? Except it’s really not. My history professor tells me he used to be our djinn, and that Bashira and I are reincarnations of the Raider Prince and Queen Bennua. We’re back to save the world once again.


It would be hard to believe if weird, magical monsters didn’t keep popping up on campus.


Bashira’s scared of our destiny. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. She says she’s no longer in love.


I’m about to change all that. She’ll be mine again. And this time, there’s no way I’ll ever let her go.

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The Kingdom Saga, Book Five

I am Princess Tanvi, and I have become a refugee in a cruel desert that seeks to kill me.

I was born with powerful magic. As a result, my kingdom was destroyed. I had no choice but to flee to a mysterious country, forsaking my royal lineage and leaving my family behind.

I must hide my true identity. No one can know that I can cast incredible spells, otherwise, my life will be in danger. That becomes all too difficult when a dark prince saves my life.

Prince Tamarik is known as the Mad Stallion of Ashana, and for good reason. He's reckless, arrogant, and just as cutting with his words as he is with a sword. I absolutely despise him.

Unfortunately, I’ve also fallen in love with him, and he's dangerously close to exposing my secret. The closer we become, the more I wonder how long I'll be able to keep my powers contained...

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Books 1-3

A princess becomes a warrior, indulges in forbidden romance, and rules an empire in an epic fantasy saga inspired by Aladdin and the 1001 Arabian Nights.

Princess Bennua is betrothed to a foreigner in a far-away land, until a prince of thieves comes to claim her for himself. Kidnapped and brought to a desert of mystery and wonder, Bennua becomes the master of a djinn trapped within a magic lamp... and falls in love with a man who’s as secretive as he is dangerous.

Her travels take her to lands of ancient pharaohs and dark crypts, to illustrious palaces and jungles filled with mythical beasts. Bennua finds herself in service of an ancient deity, a fire god who is at war with the devil, and in the middle of a fight where angels battle kings and monsters devour men.

Swords clash, magic ignites, and sultans fall. One girl has the power to save the world, and she will bring the desert to its knees with her bravery... her strength... and her love.


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A Kingdom Saga Holiday Novella

It’s the holiday season... my favorite time of year.

I want to forget the mistake that nearly cost me my Raider Prince, and forget all the death we’ve experienced this year. I want to celebrate with peace, love, and presents.

There’s just one problem: my husband hates the holidays.

I’m on a mission to give Zahid the best holiday ever, but it’s hard when you’re fighting back dark memories. Maybe my husband will get in the spirit, and give me the best gift of all… the gift of unconditional love.

Blessings from Ashes is a Christmas holiday romance from the Kingdom Saga universe. It takes place in the time between Fallen From Ashes and Redemption From Ashes. This is a short story full of love, holiday cheer, and miracles.


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The official coloring book for the bestselling Kingdom Saga series!

Experience the 1001 Arabian Nights in a whole new world by coloring your way through this magical desert of djinn, angels, prince thieves and warrior princesses.

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