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The Angels & Demons series is a paranormal angel romance trilogy featuring demons, magic, and forbidden love. The characters are of high school and college age, and each book is around two-hundred pages. It is suitable for ages 16+

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Angels & Demons Book One

What if you were in love with heaven and hell?


My name’s Cassia. When my mother died and my father vanished, everything changed.


I planned to graduate high school and leave my dark past behind me, until I met two very different guys... bad boy Thames, and football captain Cairo.


Except there’s more to these two men than meets the eye. Without warning, I’m caught up in a dangerous love triangle straight out of a storybook, trapped in a world where angels and demons are fighting for the souls of mankind. I find myself in the middle of a holy war, hunted by a monster that's emerged from the underworld.


My life has been turned upside down, and I don’t know if I’ll survive long enough to taste forbidden fruit...

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Angels & Demons Book Two

Love can be hell.


I’m Faline Delamore. I’m the best demon hunter there is-- but kicking butt has a way of making you feel trapped.


I’m headed off to college to get a break from all the slaying, until I run into a sexy guy that’s just as hot as he is dangerous. Despite his warnings to stay away, I can’t keep my distance. Something about him is just… bad.


But I have to keep my guard up. If I fall in love, I might end up dead... even if Thames ends up being my salvation.

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Angels & Demons Book Three

I’m Cassia, and Judgement Day has arrived. 


A war between demons and angels will determine the fate of humanity, and my sister and I are right in the middle of it. 


Our enemy is an insane angel determined to bring hell straight to Earth. We are fighting a battle we cannot win. Death is fated. My angel is willing to sacrifice everything to keep me alive.


The end is near. Nothing will ever be the same.

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The Complete Series Box Set

Love can be immortal.

Cassia’s heart belongs to two men who aren’t exactly mortal. Cairo is the captain of the football team, all-around hero... and also part angel. Thames is a bad boy biker and has demon blood.

Faline is the best supernatural hunter there is. When her path crosses with Cassia’s, she finds herself caught up in a similar romance, which exposes the truth about her dark past.

There’s an angel hell bent on taking control of the human race. He longs to turn his idea of heaven on earth into reality, but his utopia resembles a dictatorship more than a paradise. The two sisters are the only ones who can stop Judgement Day.

Will true love and the bonds of sisterhood be enough to restore peace?

Angels & Demons: The Complete Series is a young adult paranormal angel romance featuring hot heroes, strong heroines, and diverse characters. This magical fantasy world will immerse readers in supernatural battles, where angels hunt demons and love is eternal. Featured in the 2018 FOX Teen Choice Awards Gift Baskets! Nominated for Series of the Year by Once Upon a Book!

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