Reading List

Below is a recommended reading order for Megan Linski's books, as requested by fans. This is the reading order that is suggested by the author.



Each Hidden Legends series takes place within the same world, but in separate and unique societies. Alicia Rades' College of Witchcraft series also takes place in this world. I suggest starting with the Academy of Magical Creatures series, followed by the University of Sorcery series and the College of Witchcraft series, then concluding with the Prison for Supernatural Offenders series.

For a printable list of my titles, please click here.

1. The Fire Prophecy (Academy of Magical Creatures Book 1)


2. The Water Legacy (Academy of Magical Creatures Book 2)


3. The Earth Legend (Academy of Magical Creatures Book 3)


4. The Air Omen (Academy of Magical Creatures Book 4)


5. The Elemental War (Academy of Magical Creatures Book 5)


6. The Soul Sacrifice (Academy of Magical Creatures Book 6) 


7. The Wolven Mark (University of Sorcery Book 1)


8. The Dragon Oath (University of Sorcery Book 2) 


9. The Alicorn Court (University of Sorcery Book 3) 


10. The Griffin Knight (University of Sorcery Book 4)


11. The Shifter Empire (University of Sorcery Book 5) 


12. The Fae Queen (University of Sorcery Book 6) - Coming in 2022


13. The Villain Institute (Prison for Supernatural Offenders Book 1)


14. The Criminal Lair (Prison for Supernatural Offenders Book 2)


15. The Infernal Underground (Prison for Supernatural Offenders Book 3) - Coming in 2022


16.-18. Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Books 4-6. - Release dates and announcements pending.




19. Torrent (Angels & Demons Book 1)


20. Torture (Angels & Demons Book 2)


21. Truth (Angels & Demons Book 3)




22. Court of Vampires (The Shifter Prophecy 1)


23. Den of Wolves (The Shifter Prophecy 2)


24. War of Witches (The Shifter Prophecy 3)


25. Heir to Russia (The Shifter Prophecy 4)




26. Kingdom From Ashes (The Kingdom Saga Book 1)


27. Fallen From Ashes (The Kingdom Saga Book 2)


28. Blessings From Ashes (A Kingdom Saga Novella) - This is a holiday short story that takes place between Book 2 and Book 3 of the series.


29. Redemption From Ashes (The Kingdom Saga Book 3)


30. Prince of Fire (The Kingdom Saga Book 4)


31. Dawn From Embers (The Kingdom Saga Book 5)




32. Song of Smoke and Fire (Song of Dragonfire Book 1)


33. Change of Wind and Storms (Song of Dragonfire Book 2)


34. World of Gods and Men (Song of Dragonfire Book 3)




35. Rhodi's Light (The Rhodi Saga Book 1)


36. Rhodi Rising (The Rhodi Saga Book 2)


37. Rhodi's Lullaby (The Rhodi Saga Book 3)




This is a fantasy series under the penname Natalie Erin, co-written with Krisen Lison.


38. Kiatana's Journey (Creatures of the Lands Book 1)


39. Vera's Song (Creatures of the Lands Book 2)


40. Wyntier's Rise (Creatures of the Lands Book 3)


41. Vixen's Fate (Creatures of the Lands Book 4)


42. Midnightstar (Creatures of the Lands Book 5)


43. Angel's Rebellion (Creatures of the Lands Book 6)




44. Alora (Standalone)


45. Sign of the Griffin (Standalone)


46. Unicorn's Lament (Havenwood Falls High Shared World)


​47. Breathless (Twisted Fairy Tales Shared World)


48. These Starcrossed Lives of Ours (Standalone)


49. Anything But (Razberry Sweet Dualogy Book 1)


50. Save Me (Razberry Sweet Dualogy Book 2)


51. The Witch's Curse (Short Story)


52. Eerie Tales (Short Story Collection)


53. Webs & Roses (Poetry Collection)