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The Rhodi Saga is an emotional young adult fantasy series, where warriors with magical powers and abilities in martial arts battle against darkness. This Asian mythology saga deals with themes such as mental illness, recovery from trauma, friendship, and found family. Suitable for ages 14+.

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The Rhodi Saga Book One

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski composes a young adult urban fantasy about found family, epic battles, and extraordinary magic.


Warriors are forged in darkness.


Teenage criminal Dylan and her twin brother Devin are struggling to survive the streets.


After an attempt to steal food goes horribly wrong, the twins are offered a deal. Their needs will be provided for if they join the ranks of the Rhodi. This elite group of supernatural warriors battle against the Hunter’s Guild, a dark force that is threatening to destroy their world. Adorned with incredible gifts, the Rhodi can fly, transform into animals, and even foresee the future. As the last line of defense against darkness, the Rhodi must band together to stop the Guild using a combination of martial arts and magic. 


Devin loves his new life among the ranks of the Rhodi, excelling in his studies and abilities. However, Dylan struggles to discover her powers, and her identity within the faction. Her depression, grief and pain are marked by a new scar on her wrist each time she fails— a secret she knows would deeply hurt her Rhodi master, who strives to become the father she lost.


To transform into the warrior she desires to be, and defeat the Hunter’s Guild, Dylan must learn to accept herself for who she is, and forgive herself for past mistakes. But the Rhodi are hiding secrets… secrets that prove dangerous to keep.


If they’re going to win the war, the Rhodi must come together, and learn to trust each other. There is undiscovered power hiding within Dylan, and to save the world, that power must come into the light. 

Rhodi’s Light is a tragic fantasy full of broken and beautiful characters. This inspiring young adult novel centers around themes of recovering from trauma, finding your family, and discovering the light within yourself. This is the first book in the Rhodi Saga.

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The Rhodi Saga Book Two

A warrior will rise.


Dylan and Devin have been forced into hiding. Separated from their family, the twins are on their own and desperately searching for their Rhodi masters, who have since gone missing. 


To find them, Dylan enlists the help of the Searchers— powerful spies with supernatural abilities, who may be able to piece together the events that led to the disappearance of their fellow warriors.

A mysterious spy with a unique gift has caught Dylan's attention, but she refuses to let him in. After all, there's no time for romance when the world is at stake. Hunters have taken lives and claimed hostages, and the Red Huntress is quickly taking reign of the entire continent. As the twins compile clues to save their masters, they’ll have to utilize magic beyond what they’ve cast before to rescue what’s left of their people, and discover incredible magical objects that have been lost to time.

With their enemies closing in, Dylan discovers there are some things that are impossible for a Rhodi warrior… but not for her. Dylan’s magic is growing, and soon, not even the Hunter’s Guild will stand in her way.

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The Rhodi Saga Book Three

A warrior will save the realm.


Dylan's world has been devastated by war.

As Crescentia is overrun by chaos, Dylan and Devin must decipher clues left behind by their ancient Rhodi ancestors. A secret is hiding deep within the desert, and if the twins do not solve the mystery, the entire continent will be brought to an end.

Dylan continues to fight foes on the battlefield and within her own mind, all while struggling to deny her feelings for Enfys, the mysterious spy who has captured her heart. 

One final battle will determine the fate of the Rhodi forever. Dylan is the only one standing in the way of darkness. She will take her place before her destiny...

Or her doom.

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The Rhodi Saga Book Four

The Rhodi Saga continues in Book Four of this magical Asian mythology series, coming soon!

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Books 1-3

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski weaves a heartbreaking young adult dark fantasy of action, adventure, found family, and healing.


In a realm where warriors are bestowed with supernatural powers, one girl has the destiny to save the realm, or go down defending it.


After being on the run since they were small children, Dylan and her twin brother Devin have lost everything. They seek revenge by joining the Rhodi; a group of elite magic casters who are the world's last line of defense against evil. Darkness is gathering under a tyrant who desires to crush freedom forever, and only the Rhodi can stop her.


To survive, Dylan and her brother must face mystical creatures, explore dangerous castles, solve mysteries, consort with spies, and outsmart the tyrant before she destroys the world. On her journey, Dylan will discover the bonds of found family, romance... and a strength inside of her she never knew existed.

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