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The Rhodi Saga is an emotional Asian-inspired contemporary fantasy series where assassins with magical powers battle for a free world. It deals with themes such as mental illness, friendship, and found family. It is appropriate for ages 14+.

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The Rhodi Saga Book One

Dylan is an orphan, and the world's last hope.

After her parents experienced a violent end, Dylan and her twin brother, Devin, find themselves completely alone... until an ancient sect of magical assassins discovers them.

The Rhodi are a group of warriors that are slowly becoming extinct. An evil guild is taking over the land, and the Rhodi have sworn to stop them.

Dylan and Devin join the assassins, and find themselves thrown into a universe where superpowers are the everyday. Warriors fly, transform into animals, and can even see the future in this ancient group of powerful soldiers. 
Under the direction of her mentor, Dylan struggles to fight her depression and become the Rhodi she was meant to be, while hiding the growing scars on her wrists.

There is a huntress lurking in the shadows, and if the Rhodi don't stop her, she'll not only end this realm, but anyone standing in her way. Dylan has promised to bring peace back to Crescentia.

But how can she do so if she can't find peace within herself?

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The Rhodi Saga Book Two

Dylan has been forced into hiding.

After being separated from their companions, Dylan and her twin brother are once again on their own. They begin a desperate search for the rest of the Rhodi, but come up empty-handed.

To find them, Dylan enlists the help of mysterious spies, to piece together the events that led to the disappearance of their fellow assassins. 

One of the spies has caught Dylan's attention, but she refuses to let him in. After all, there's no time for romance when the world is at stake.

As enemies close in for the kill, Dylan discovers there are some things that are impossible for warriors... but not for her magic.

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The Rhodi Saga Book Three

Dylan's world has been devastated by war.

As the realm is overrun by chaos, Dylan and her brother must decipher clues left behind by their ancient assassin ancestors. A secret is hiding deep in the desert, and if the Rhodi do not solve the mystery, the entire country will be brought to an end.

Dylan continues to fight foes on the battlefield and within her own mind, all while struggling to deny her feelings for Enfys, the mysterious spy who has captured her heart. 

One final battle will determine the fate of the Rhodi forever. Dylan is the only one standing in the way of darkness. She will take her place before her destiny...

Or her death.

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The Complete Series Box Set


In a realm where warriors are bestowed with supernatural powers, one girl has the power to save humanity; or destroy it.

There are rumors of soldiers who can fly... transform into animals... even see the future. These superheroes are in hiding, their race on the verge of becoming extinct.

When twins Dylan and Devin lose their parents, they seek revenge by joining the Rhodi; a secret society of elite assassins who are the world's last hope. Darkness is gathering under one name, evil rallying under a huntress who desires to crush freedom forever. Only the Rhodi can stop her.

To survive, Dylan and her brother must face magical creatures, explore dangerous castles, consort with spies, and outsmart the huntress before she destroys everything. On her journey, Dylan will discover the strength of family, the desire of romance... and a magic inside her she never knew existed.

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