Rhodi's Light

(The Rhodi Saga #1)

My name is Dyliana-- Dylan for short. I’m an orphan, homeless, and the last hope for the world.


My twin brother and I were forced to join the Rhodi to avoid starvation. An ancient sect of assassins with magical powers, the Rhodi are the only ones who can stop the evil possessing the nation, and they’re looking to me to save it.


Under the direction of my mentor, I struggle to become the warrior I was meant to be, while hiding the growing scars on my wrists. But a huntress is hiding in the shadows, and if I don’t stop her, she’ll take over this realm-- and destroy anyone standing in her way.

Rhodi Rising

(The Rhodi Saga #2)


My name is Dylan, and I’ve been forced into hiding. 


After being separated from our companions, my twin brother and I are desperately searching for the rest of the Rhodi, only to come up empty-handed.


We have no choice but to enlist the help of some mysterious spies, to piece together the events that led to the disappearance of our fellow warriors. One of the spies has become close to me, but I can’t let him in… otherwise, my perfect illusion will shatter. 


As our enemies close in for the kill, I discover some things are impossible for an assassin… but not for my magic.

Rhodi's Lullaby

(The Rhodi Saga #3)

My name is Dylan, and our world has been devastated by war.


To save the realm, my brother and I must decipher clues left behind by our ancient assassin brethren, and find a way to bring salvation. I continue to fight foes with my magic and within my own mind, all while wrestling with the feelings I have for Enfys… the mysterious spy who’s captured my heart. 


A final battle will determine the fate of our homeland. I am the only thing standing in the way of darkness. I will take my place before my destiny… or my death.

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