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Disability Pride Month is coming to a close, and we're celebrating all the amazing books featuring disabled characters! Below you'll find disability-centric books listed by genre that are either FREE to read or on sale. Let's make accessibility and inclusivity mainstream, and pack your eReader with all kinds of awesome stories. 


The Fire Prophecy: After Sophia conjures fire magic, she bonds with a magical creature at a school for elementals where a deadly prophecy declares she will control the fate of her tribe. Price: Free. Disability featured: rare disease, chronic illness, undiagnosed illness, disabled author. Find it here!

Poisoned: A Disability Inclusive Snow White Retelling: A poisoned apple and true love's first kiss were only the beginning to Snow White's story...can she change her happily ever after before it's too late? Join Snow White on a disability inclusive journey that transcends traditional fairy tale conventions, weaving a tale of resilience, friendship, and the transformative power of finding joy in unexpected places. Price: Free. Disability Featured: non-verbal. Find it here.

In Silence Abiding: The Last Gift Arc One Omnibus: The Chosen One is dead. Can his little sister pick up where he left off?. With an LGBTQ+ & disabled protagonist and full of intrigue, adventure, romance, and dragons, The Last Gift Omnibus contains the first three books of the series, starting with Where Shadows Lie. Price: On Sale. Disability Featured: Chronic Illness, Mobility Issues, Anxiety, Tactiile Allodynia, disabled author. Find it here!

The Wolven Mark: After slaying a werewolf with magic, Emma is whisked away to a fae land of royals and deception, where a disgraced wolf shifter desires her to be his queen. Price: Free. Disability featured: immune disorder, CVID, amputee, disabled author. Find it here!

Myth Academy: Penelope discovers she's descended from a goddess, and finds herself at a college where Greek heroes battle Titans and the son of Hades has fallen for her. Price: Free. Disability featured: major depressive disorder/depression, disabled author. Find it here!

The Wolf's Golden Deception: Stolen magic, broken trust, can love save Rafe and Mira from being consumed by the Wolf’s deception, or is it already too late? Try this fresh fairytale romance mixed with Greek mythology--secret romance, swoony kisses & a wolf who’ll keep you guessing. Price: On Sale. Disability Featured: limb difference. Find it here!


The Villain Institute: Inmates Charlie and Ava-Marie become enemies (and lovers) at a paranormal prison where staying alive is just as dangerous as the Warden's plans for magical chaos. Price: Free. Disability featured: bipolar disorder, blindness/vision impairment, disabled author. Find it here!

The Coven's Secret: Nadine is the last witch in her coven to inherit curse-breaking powers. She'll have to prove herself to her goddess before her magic awakens—and under no circumstances can she fall for the gorgeous reaper whose love could kill her. Price: Free. Disability featured: lupus, depression. Find it here!


Bittersweet: He’s trying to hide his past and she’s running from her father’s ghost. When their paths collide during one steamy summer, can they defeat their demons together? Price: On Sale. Disability Featured: Hearing loss. Find it here!

Through Fire: Shy Cass feels drawn to the young man shrouded in mental pain. Bryan acquiesces to the young woman's offer of friendship. Price: On Sale. Disability Featured: upper-limb amputee. Find it here!

Seductive Silence: Pestered by a persistent stammer, a regency lord with a keen interest in orreries and boxing—but not in talking—must find a way to woo his new mistress without words. Price: Free. Disability Featured: stutter, disabled author. Find it here!

Not Like a Lady: Letty’s down to one friend and her horse. Sir Michael needs that horse to ride again. Price: Free. Disability Featured: amputee. Find it here!

Young Adult

Mito: Gabriel has dealt with mysterious medical issues his whole life. Just when he finally thought that they had all of the answers and he was on the road to good health, he is apprehended by DFS on the grounds of medical neglect. Price: Free. Disability Featured: mitochondrial disease, severe paranoia. Find it here!


A Twisted Riposte: A town of wonky magic. A Pixie who can't fly straight. An olympic fencer stabbed in the back! Price: On Sale. Disability featured: Mobility aids. Find it here.

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