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Fall in love, cast a spell, and explore adventure in USA TODAY Bestselling Author Megan Linski's fantasy fiction.

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Megan Linski is the author of more than fifty fantasy, paranormal, and romance novels. Here are some of her top-selling series.

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I know my mate is somewhere within the school… along with those who want my blood.

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I’m forced to enter the Elemental Cup, where I’ll either earn my place… or die trying.

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They think I'm the bad guy. I'm about to show them just how much of a villain I can be.

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Action moves quickly and with excitement, and the romantic elements are teased out with tension effectively... the characters and plot are original and will keep readers invested.

The Book Life Prize by Publisher's Weekly

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Meet The Author

Megan Linski lives in Michigan. She is the author of more than fifty fantasy and paranormal novels which feature themes of friendship, community, and healthy romantic relationships. She has over fifteen years of experience writing books alongside working as a journalist and editor. She graduated from the University of Iowa, where she studied Creative Writing.

Her passions include ice skating and horseback riding. In her free time she enjoys dancing in the snow and drinking fancy coffee while at her natural habitat, the mall.

Megan advocates for the rights of the disabled, and is an activist for mental health awareness.

Megan co-writes the Hidden Legends Universe with Alicia Rades. She also writes under the pen name of Natalie Erin for the Creatures of the Lands series, co-authored by Krisen Lison.

Awards Megan has won include;


  • Best Fantasy Book of the Year 2019 by Once Upon a Book

  • Best Co-Authored Book of the Year 2022 by Once Upon a Book

  • Author of the Year 2022 by Once Upon a Book

  • Reader's Favorite Five Star Read (Bronze Medal Finalist)

  • Winner of Amazon's Kindle Scout Competition


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