I am Alora, and for hundreds of years, I have been queen.

Ruling over one of the most remote parts of the world, I spend my summers riding upon a wild stallion, my winters as a winged wolf, never changing, forever at an eternal sixteen.

Then he arrives. 

Against my better judgment, I find myself falling for a stranger. Unable to tame my wild heart, I’m forced to face the fact that humans and immortals can never be together. If I choose to love August, I will lose my eternal life, and will die. 


Yet there’s a monster lurking in the shadows, a hunter determined to make me his prize. I must make the most challenging decision of my life. True love, or immortality?

Sign of the Griffin


My name is Evian, and I grew up amongst griffins. I’ve never seen another human, nor have I been allowed to leave the safety of the flock.

Then I am given a magical sword by a mysterious cloaked woman, and everything changes. I’ve been chosen to defeat the king, and am the only hope for the realm. 

With the help of the griffins, I embark on a quest across the nation to become a knight, free the people, and slay the evil king.

But if I’m going to become a hero, I must first uncover the secrets of my past… and find my parents.

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©2020 by Megan Linski.