DOUBLE COVER REVEAL: Change of Wind and Storms + World of Gods and Men!

February 27, 2018


 Change of Wind and Storms (Song of Dragonfire #2)


"Smoke. Fire. Air. All three are required to make me whole. I need the love that burns within them all. I need my dragons."


Fliss thought war ended when she saved Krakow, yet war has yet to begin. Her dragon Smok has vowed to protect her, but not even he can stop the threat that looms over Poland.


Then Fliss discovers a shocking secret— Smok’s brothers are still alive, and she's loved all of them before in her past lives.


A journey across fae kingdoms and siren realms reveals the truth of her dark heritage. With three dragons at her side, Fliss must reassemble the events of history and solve the mystery of who has been hunting her across centuries.


Yet Fliss has roused the wrath of gods... and there will be no mercy.Will her dragons be able to save Fliss from death once again? Or do the gods have other plans?


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World of Gods and Men (Song of Dragonfire #3)


“Please... don't let me lose my dragons.”


Wounded. Crippled. Unable to harness her magic. After suffering a painful defeat and barely escaping with her life, Fliss and her three dragons are on the run from Natska, the dark fae queen who is also Chernobog, the goddess of death... and Fliss’ sister.


They can no longer fight Natska on their own. Fliss must seek out the city of sirens and search for a master who can teach her the strength of her song, but few are willing to aid her on their quest. A war of gods and men has broken out across the realm, and the magical community is in shambles.


If Fliss doesn’t gain control of her powers, she’ll plunge the world into an eternal darkness from which it will never recover.


The goddess of song will rise to battle the goddess of chaos-- and the victor will change Poland forever.


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