Kiatana's Journey is now permafree!

May 4, 2017


I've been working on the Creatures of the Land series for TEN YEARS, since I was fourteen years old. It's astounding for me to look back and think that this June, the series will finally come to a close with the publication of Angel's Rebellion.


It's enough to get me teary-eyed. To celebrate, I've decided to make the series as available to as many readers as possible by offering #1, Kiatana's Journey, for free on all platforms. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can seriously read the entire series for absolutely nothing. This is quite a deal! 


I'm bound to get emotional once the series is over, so would you mind taking this journey with me? I promise you that these books will take you on an adventure you will never forget. 




Game of Thrones meets Narnia in the bestselling magical beginning to Natalie Erin's heartfelt Creatures of the Lands series...

Dragons fly, animals can speak and fairies rule over all in the realm they call the Lands, a medieval world of myth and wonder. Kiatana, a princess of fairies, desires adventure, but quickly is given more than she bargained for after she finds a dragon and his fallen rider seeking refuge in her forest. The rider, Keota, is handsome, but has more secrets than Kiatana can imagine. Is this rider one she can trust?

Then the plague arrives. As sickness sweeps across her dominion, Kia has one option; find the cure, or her land will die, and she will perish as punishment for failing to protect it.

With the help of her trusty Pegasus and two motherless wolf cubs, Kiatana and the dragon rider venture to the land of the unicorns, to find help in seeking the cure. Elves, rival fairies, monsters, and mythical creatures haunt the journey, which becomes more perilous with each step. But there is more to this plague than what Kiatana can see, and there's a betrayer hiding in her midst…

Funny and original, Kiatana's Journey is the first installment in an epic young adult fantasy series that honors love, imagination, and friendship. Start this action-packed magical saga featuring witches, fae, dragons, vampires and shifters today!


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