Top 10 Great Indie Dystopian Books

August 26, 2016


My YA dystopian fantasy series, The Rhodi Saga, comes out on September 4th, starting with Book #1, Rhodi's Light. I'm super excited about this series, as it took me 10 years to create. At this year's UTOPIA and Once Upon a Book Conventions, I also found many other dystopian indie novels that caught my eye. Here are my top ten dystopian picks that I found as a result of attending both conventions. 



 1) Project SKIE by Caitlyn Mancini


Great for readers who like: strange experiments, missing students, and high school drama.


2) Untreatable by J. Laslie


Great for readers who like: Genetic mutation, survival stories, and a government out of control. 


 3) 99 Days by AnnaLisa Grant


Great for readers who like: psychological thrillers, mature content, and romance in an impossible situation. 


 4) Spark of Light by Alex Tuttle


Great for readers who like: new adult, magic, and fantasy elements mixed with dystopian worlds.


 5) United by Jaci Wheeler


Great for readers who like: rebellion, stories of power, and books like the Matched Trilogy.


6) Regress by SF Benson


Great for readers who like: stories about the government medically stealing the population's creativity.


7) Juxtaposition Paradox by Charles R. Stern


Great for readers who like: Adult stories of amnesia, murder mysteries, and convoluted tales. 


8) A Sky With No Stars by Juliet Dillion


Great for readers who like: Time travel, dystopian wastelands, and finding the power within yourself to stay strong in harsh situations.


9) Hydro by A.C. Waltower


Great for readers who like: Sci-fi, discovering the fate of humanity, and leaving Earth to explore new territories.


10) 36 Hours by Bobby Akart


Great for readers who like: Catastrophic events, panic in dangerous situations, and reading about the end-of-the-world.


Those are my top ten picks! Check back in for my next post: 21 Breathtaking Paranormal Indie Books, coming next week!



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