Interview with Megan Linski about Redemption From Ashes

December 6, 2015

Here’s an interview from Megan Linski about her newest book, Redemption From Ashes, #3 in The Kingdom Saga. 


What was the best part about writing Redemption From Ashes? 


There’s a scene where Bennua and her friends travel to the pyramids, in order to seek out a djinn’s help. I loved researching Egyptian mythology and mummification during this part. The final battle was pretty great too, as that’s where everything comes to a head. I had a pretty great time writing this book and revealing all the clues I left for the ending from Book 1 on. 


What was one of your favorite parts in Redemption From Ashes?


I can’t say too much about that, seeing as how it would spoil some things, but my overall favorite part of the book is when Bennua’s husband, Zahid, loses his sense of sanity for a split second and just can’t cope with what’s been going on around him, and Bennua has to comfort him and be his hero. I really like this part because for three books, Zahid has been the strong one, the tough guy who never breaks, and now he finally does. It really strengthens their relationship and shows a softer side to the man readers have fallen in love with. 


You said you had a lot of trouble with this book. Why is that and you do think it affected the overall quality? 


After writing Fallen From Ashes, I experienced a lot of burn out. It was very tough writing a full-length book in 10 days and publishing it in less than three months, and then after that, people were expecting me to write the finale just as quickly. Redemption From Ashes is the longest book in the series. There was just so much I needed to tie up. I felt overwhelmed. It was very hard to continue writing each day but readers are saying that this is the best one yet. I think that because I had to struggle and do my best to make it work instead of just naturally being able to create a story like I usually do, it resulted in a much better product because it took that much more time, research and care. I flexed some writing muscles I haven’t used before, and I’m happy to say I grew as a writer. 


What do you think readers are going to be surprised at while reading?


I have to warn readers, it’s more violent than any other book in the series, to the point of being disturbing. I didn’t mean for this to happen, but during my research I came across some terrifying atrocities of the world we live in and wondered how Bennua would cope with her faith in such situations. It was such a big chance for character development that I couldn’t let it pass up. Some parts weren’t easy to write, but Bennua becomes a better and stronger person for it and that’s what matters. 


What’s the message you want readers to pull away from this book? 


You are never too far-gone to be redeemed. No matter how far you have fallen, or what you have lost, there is a chance for you to seek redemption and become the hero of your story, if you’re willing to fight and never give up. 

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