Looking back on Redemption

November 30, 2015

Redemption From Ashes comes out today. Although the road to complete the series has been hard and fast, it couldn’t have been more of an adventure. Out of all the books I wrote for The Kingdom Saga, I have to say this is my favorite one. It was also the one that took the most work. Redemption is the longest at over 80,000 words, nearly 20k longer than both books that came before. It required the most research, the most time, and the most patience. It took a very long time for me to outline and plan out everything for this book, and to make sure I executed my plans correctly. If I forgot a single piece of my story, the entire thing would deteriorate. I had small clues for the ending I had decorated throughout Books 1 and 2 in order to lead up to the climactic finale in Redemption, and I had to remember to bring back and mention each one without giving anything away. It was a juggling act I couldn’t afford to mess up. There were many days I spent only at my computer, typing away from early morning until far late into the night. Many of those days felt like a triathlon. Fallen from Ashes had been the sprint and now I was facing a grueling, multi-day triathlon that required immense dedication and a refusal to not give up or omit the slightest piece of information.


Book 3 in The Kingdom Saga took all of my effort and concentration. I began the story with Kingdom, added more details in Fallen, and had to somehow bring it all together and wrap it up with Redemption. Not an easy task, but I did it, and hope I did it well.


I think Redemption unites the epic romance of Book 1 and the tragedy of Book 2 into a dynamic adventure that focuses on faith, magic, and love. It is the crown jewel of my Kingdom Saga. I hope readers will enjoy fighting, crying and triumphing with Bennua on her adventure to defeat Akshalad once and for all. I know I did. In the past three years, Bennua has become one of my greatest characters, one of my bravest heroes, and a dear, dear friend.

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