• Megan Linski

A new Kingdom is coming... 2019

The rumors are true! In 2019, there will be a BRAND NEW KINGDOM SAGA NOVEL ready for release!

I hope you're just as excited as I am! I know you have a lot of questions-- what's the plot, who are the characters, what more can you possibly do with the Kingdom Saga universe?

I'll only answer a few questions for now, and keep the rest a mystery :) The story begins twenty years after the events of Redemption From Ashes and is told from the view point of a brand new character, Tanvi, who has an exceptional magical power... the stories she tells come true, and reality is altered by the tales she foretells.

Her powers are tested when she becomes the maidservant of Princess Ameera, the daughter of Sultan Zahid and Queen Bennua. Tanvi is forced to keep her powers a secret, yet she's already aroused the suspicion of Prince Tamarik... the Stallion of Ashana, and the Raider Prince's son.

That's all you get for now! Join my newsletter and social media for updates on when the new book will finally be released!

<3 Much Love

- Megan

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