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The Witch's Curse


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"The scream of a dying girl was the singular sound that changed my life, forever."

When Briar enters the Eldermere Woods alone, she never could've imagined the danger that awaited her there. As a young witch, she's sought by hunters who desire her blood, a group of radicals who wish to eliminate all magical creatures. When Briar discovers a fellow witch slaughtered in the forest, her boring afternoon is changed into a fight for her life.

With the help of her dragon shifter love, Thomas, Briar must find a way to stop the witch hunters from destroying her town of Thorny Brook. But is her magic strong enough to defeat her most dangerous enemies?

Magic Academy Year One (Supernatural School Anthologies #1)


Class is in session!

Congratulations! You've been accepted to Magic Academy-- and your enrollment starts now!

Attend magical classes, tend to mythical creatures, go on dangerous adventures and explore forbidden romances in this anthology of incredible paranormal and fantasy shorts. Fly with dragons, cast spells with witches, and discover hidden secrets in a collection of stories that's all about attending enchanting high schools and spellbinding universities. Make new friends-- or enemies-- and conjure your crush in this funny and exciting selection.

Enjoy this collection of young adult stories with the right amount of action and romance. Become bewitched by Magic Academy today!

Magic Academy Year Two (Supernatural School Anthologies #2)


Year Two at your supernatural academy has begun!

Angels, witches, elementals, shifters, and magical creatures, all under one school roof? Welcome back to your sophomore year at Magic Academy! This second anthology has even more short stories about magical schools, colleges and universities. 

Packed with action and adventure, the halls of this supernatural academy are full of danger and secrets. Discover romance, intrigue, and magic in a brand new anthology from bestselling fantasy and paranormal authors. 

Where Lore Resides

Do you have what it takes to survive the adventure?

Enter into hidden realms and journey across fantastic lands where dragons devour, kingdoms rule, and magic goes awry. Dive into Where Lore Resides, an incredible collection of 10 short fantasy stories by USA TODAY Bestsellers and award-winning authors, all of which feature coming-of-age characters.

Zombies devour, witches cast spells, psychics consult with the dead, and djinn grant wishes gone wrong. In this suspenseful, action-packed collection, heroes battle darkness in epic fights against evil. Romance ignites, heroes battle, and love conquers all. But be careful-- there’s danger around every corner, and betrayal is lurking in the shadows.

Includes exclusive material never released before! This bonus content can't be found anywhere else! Features both young adult and new adult characters, perfect for teens or college-age readers. 

Moonlight Rising


Experience forbidden desires and explore dark realms in Moonlight Rising!

A group of paranormal romance authors have come together to deliver a brand-new anthology of mystic nights and supernatural love stories.

Fall for vampires, be mated with shifters, speak with ghosts, battle demons and be enchanted by angels in a collection that’ll make you swoon with delight. Experience urban dwellings and fantasy kingdoms while losing yourself in a world that’s just like ours-- plus magic.

Contains bonus and exclusive content not found anywhere else!


Contributions range from short stories to full length novellas.

You & Me Forever: A Sweet Romance Collection


Would you be his, forever?

Eight sweet romance short stories and novellas by eight different authors!

USA TODAY bestselling novelists and new writers have come together to bring readers You & Me Forever, a collection of heartwarming stories about finding romance, falling for your first love, and discovering the one you're truly meant to be with. Stories vary from dark and emotional to endearing and wholesome, all with a happily-ever-after ending.

Teens and adults will enjoy this young adult and new adult clean romance anthology with a message to always believe in true love.​

Eerie Tales : 5 Bonus Paranormal and Fantasy Short Stories


5 bonus short stories from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Megan Linski!

Angels, witches, shifters, vampires and more make up this brand-new short story collection for teens and young adult readers. Featuring emotional romance, shocking twists, and captivating storytelling, fans of Linski's paranormal and fantasy epics will enjoy reading Eerie Tales.

Webs & Roses: A Poetry Collection


Journey through this collection of small poems as the author recounts her teenage and college years, each line detailing a young woman's adventure through life, love, faith, and loss.

The first poetry book by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Megan Linski.

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