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Below is a list of free ebook titles by author Megan Linski.

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(Angels & Demons Book One)

What if you were in love with heaven and hell?


My name’s Cassia. When my mother died and my father vanished, everything changed.


I planned to graduate high school and leave my dark past behind me, until I met two very different guys... bad boy Thames, and football captain Cairo.


Except there’s more to these two men than meets the eye. Without warning, I’m caught up in a dangerous love triangle straight out of a storybook, trapped in a world where angels and demons are fighting for the souls of mankind. I find myself in the middle of a holy war, hunted by a monster that's emerged from the underworld.


My life has been turned upside down, and I don’t know if I’ll survive long enough to taste forbidden fruit...

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Kingdom From Ashes
(The Kingdom Saga Book One)

I am Princess Bennua. The sultan has sold me off to a cruel king on the outskirts of the desert. All my life I've been owned and enslaved by men, and this is no different.


But another seeks my hand-- roguish killer and king of thieves, the Raider Prince.


I'm stolen away to the Raider Prince's city of darkness and enchantment. Here, I learn to fight, to steal… and to rule.


Now my kingdom is in danger. To save it, I'll have to give up everything I've become… and relinquish my freedom forever.


It would be easy if I hadn't fallen for the man who kidnapped me.


Love is dangerous. But if anyone comes between the Raider Prince and I…


They. Will. Burn.

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Song of Smoke and Fire
(Song of Dragonfire Book One)

I am Fliss, a slave to the king. When a local dragon demands payment, I am offered by the king as a sacrifice to the monster… though the dragon is more than what I expect.


The dragon is actually a gorgeous man, a curse cast upon him by a beautiful enchantress. Only one pure of soul can end the spell upon him. The dragon will set me free if I end his curse for good… but the closer the dragon and I become, the less I want him to let me go.


I will either tame the tortured beast inside… or my life will be consumed by smoke and flame.


Song of Smoke and Fire is the first book in a reverse harem YA fantasy romance series.


Rhodi's Light

(The Rhodi Saga Book One)

Dylan is an orphan, and the world's last hope.

After her parents experienced a violent end, Dylan and her twin brother, Devin, find themselves completely alone... until an ancient sect of magical assassins discovers them.

The Rhodi are a group of warriors that are slowly becoming extinct. An evil guild is taking over the land, and the Rhodi have sworn to stop them.

Dylan and Devin join the assassins, and find themselves thrown into a universe where superpowers are the everyday. Under the direction of her mentor, Dylan struggles to fight her depression and become the soldier she was meant to be, while hiding the growing scars on her wrists.

There is a huntress hiding in the shadows, and if the Rhodi don't stop her, she'll not only end this realm, but anyone standing in her way. Dylan has promised to bring peace back to Crescentia.

But how can she do so if she can't find peace within herself?



(Twisted Fairy Tales Book One)

What if the Little Mermaid was a boy?


Adrian is the son of Poseidon, the prince of the sea. As a merman of the royal court, he’s sick of being underwater, and dreams of living on land.


Then Adrian falls for a beautiful human. Isamaria is everything Adrian ever wanted, and to be with her, Adrian only has one option. 


The sea warlock Stavros has the power to turn Adrian into a human for three days. Adrian has until then to convince Isamaria to fall in love with him. If he doesn’t, Adrian will be stuck as a merman permanently… and all the sea will belong to Stavros, forever. 


This is a standalone novel in the Twisted Fairy Tales Shared Series, which may be read in any order. Other novels in the Twisted Fairy Tales series include:


LOST by Constance Roberts

HUNTED by T. Ariyanna

MOONSTRUCK by Nicole Zoltack

STRUNG by Constance Roberts

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Alora has been queen for hundreds of years.

Ruling over one of the most remote parts of the world, she spends her summers riding upon a wild stallion, her winters as a winged wolf, never changing, forever at an eternal sixteen.

Then he arrives. 

Against her better judgment, Alora finds herself falling for a young boy with a kind heart. Unable to tame her desire, Alora is forced to face the fact that humans and immortals can never be together. If she chooses to love August, she will lose her eternal life, and she will die. 

Yet there's a monster lurking in the shadows, a hunter determined to make Alora his prize. She must make the most challenging decision of her life. True love, or immortality?

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Sign of the Griffin

Evian is a human among griffins. She's never been allowed to leave the safety of the flock, though she dreams of one day becoming a knight.

Everything changes when Evian is given a magical sword by a mysterious cloaked woman. Evian has been chosen to slay the evil king, and as such, is the only hope to save the realm.

With the help of her sarcastic griffin brother, Scout, and a band of magical creatures, Evian embarks on a quest to free the world from the king's terror. From the moment she sets out, hilarity and mishaps ensue. A talking dog, elves who want to be fae, and face-sucking banshees are the least of her problems.

If Evian is going to become a hero, she must find answers to her secret past. That is, if she can avoid being devoured by man-eating rabbits along the way.

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These Starcrossed Lives of Ours

My name is Christine, and I'm on the run.

I'm wanted dead by the leader of the cult I escaped from, a cult that was once my family, but is now my enemy. I'm chased out of my old life and into the arms of a man that's the opposite of everything I've been... a man that's kind, generous, and full of hope.

But is falling for him worth losing everything? There's a mystery brewing in this sleepy little town, and you don't cross the cult without paying the ultimate price...


Kiatana's Journey

(Creatures of the Lands Book One)

Animals can speak, fairies rule, and shifter-vampire hybrids hunt mortals in the Lands, a realm full of magical creatures with danger around every corner...

Kiatana is a reluctant princess of the realm. When a dragon and his rider crash land into her territory, they bring a dark force into her world. A plague takes over the land, causing the undead to rise and creating an army of terror.

With the help of two wolf pups and her pegasus, Kiatana embarks on a journey across the realm, to find the cure and save her kingdom. Along the way, she ends up falling for the man she least expected.

Unfortunately for Kiatana, a traitor hides in plain sight, and the only way to save her magical creatures is to fight back…


Vera's Song

(Creatures of the Lands Book Two)

A storm brews with the awakening of a prophecy...


Five years have passed since the battle for the Verinian Forest, and a new threat is on the horizon.


Kiatana's young son, Kennu, and his Changer, Allie, have been abducted from their home, a target of a horrible plot to devastate the realm. Another quest is undertaken, to find the young prince and bring him back to the forest. If Kiatana fails to find her son, her kingdom will fall and she'll lose her throne.


To save the children they love, one of Kiatana's friends must be sacrificed. Death is approaching, and afterward, nothing will ever be the same…


Wyntier's Rise

(Creatures of the Lands Book Three)

A new generation begins…

It has been a decade since Kennu was rescued from the clutches of a madman intent on enslaving the realm. Now a new king has risen, and he will stop at nothing to obtain power.

People are disappearing, brainwashed by magic, and cities fall to the rule of a tyrant. No one who stands against the new regime is allowed to live. Kennu and his friends gather together, vowing to bring this monster to his knees.

But how can a group of teenagers stop the most ruthless villain the Lands has ever known? Kennu promises he will do what others will not: assemble the resistance…