These Starcrossed Lives of Ours


My name is Christine, and I'm on the run.

I'm wanted dead by the leader of the cult I escaped from, a cult that was once my family, but is now my enemy. I'm chased out of my old life and into the arms of a man that's the opposite of everything I've been... a man that's kind, generous, and full of hope.

But is falling for him worth losing everything? There's a mystery brewing in this sleepy little town, and you don't cross the cult without paying the ultimate price...

Anything But (Razberry Sweet #1)


High school isn't like the movies.

It all started with Bethany.

I was already an outcast-- I didn’t want to be a criminal. Bad choices led to that.

Now I’ve got a black record and a secret to hide. Another high school, another life. This time I’ll be at the top of the social food chain. I’ve given myself a new identity... Razberry Sweet... and created a web of lies to hide behind.

I’ll pretend to be someone I’m not and slingshot into popularity. Keeping up an act is harder than it looks, even for a wannabe actor like me. I’ve got dreams of Hollywood, movie contracts, and leaving my past behind.

But I won’t be a target again.

To be honest, I’d kill to be anyone else.

Because I don’t want to face the truth.

Save Me (Razberry Sweet #2)


Big names.
Big lights.
Hollywood awaits.

It’s been a year since the summer that changed my life forever. I’m still trying to figure out what happened to me... trying to recover from something that I can’t recover from.

My true identity has been revealed, and my friends feel betrayed. I’m torn between my crush, my enemy... and my reputation

I’m over all the high school drama. A trip to Hollywood could change everything-- I’m in.

This is a summer I’m never going to forget. I’m here in California to find stardom and land a lead role... but is getting famous more important than being there for the people who love me the most?

I can save everyone else.

But who’s going to save me?

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