About Me

The best things in life come from taking a leap of faith. Several years ago I set out with a busted binder full of dreams and a goal to bring a reader's imagination to life.

Today I create stories where magic brings soulmates together and forever friends go on fantastic adventures. Everyone is welcome to escape into my fantasy worlds!

When I'm not writing, you can find me at the ice rink lacing up my skates, or saddling up my horse at the stables. I LOVE dancing in the snow, hunting unicorns, and drinking fancy coffees while in my natural habitat, the mall. I also study Creative Writing at the incredible University of Iowa. Go Hawks!

As a big part of my journey, I advocate for disability rights and education, to help others who experience severe medical conditions like me (trust me: the bags under my eyes aren't designer).

The best part of what I do is making new friends-- and I'd love to invite you into my community!