About Me


Megan Linski is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author who lives in Michigan. She is the author of more than fifty fantasy and paranormal novels which feature themes of friendship, community, and healthy romantic relationships. She has over fifteen years of experience writing books alongside working as a journalist and editor. She graduated from the University of Iowa, where she studied Creative Writing.


Her passions include ice skating and horseback riding. In her free time she enjoys dancing in the snow and drinking fancy coffee while at her natural habitat, the mall.


Megan is an active fighter against Common Variable Immune Deficiency Disorder. She advocates for the rights of the disabled, and is an activist for mental health awareness.


Megan co-writes the Hidden Legends Universe with Alicia Rades. She also writes under the pen name of Natalie Erin for the Creatures of the Lands series, co-authored by Krisen Lison.

My Story

When I was twenty years old, two things happened that changed my life forever.

My best friend died.

And I got sick.

You don't look at the world the same way after someone you love takes their own life. Neither do you keep living the same way you did before after being diagnosed with a rare illness. I could barely pronounce Common Variable Immune Deficiency Disorder (CVID), yet I was told I had to battle for my life. My immune system failed to create the necessary antibodies and immunoglobulins needed for me to survive, and without them, I couldn't fight off infection. I needed human plasma for treatment, but more than that, I needed a reason to keep going.  

I realized I was dying more than I was living by not pursuing the one thing I wanted to do more than anything else: write books.

I'd just been given a major wake-up call. Life is too short to waste time doing anything that does not make you feel alive.

I wrote my first novel at fourteen and hadn't stopped, yet the manuscripts sat on my computer for years. People said I'd never make it... until my fiance said I would. I was tired of people telling me everything I couldn't do, and decided to chase after my dreams.

I was a college dropout with no money and no idea what was ahead, but I took the leap anyway. In high school, I was never the cool kid; I was always a part of the outcasts and rebels, and knew that's who I wanted to represent in my stories.

It was anything but easy. I wrote on a laptop that was peeling apart and iced my hands at night to get over the joint pain caused by my illness as a result of typing. It didn't matter, because I was happy. I had found my destiny, and it wasn't long before my readers found me.

My life turned completely around when I started making trouble with my co-author Alicia Rades, but that's another story entirely. 

Now I'm a USA TODAY Bestselling Author, a graduate of the University of Iowa, and an award-winning writer, but I'm just getting started.

None of this means anything without people to share it with... and I want to share it with you. Following your dreams is a precious part of life, and I'd love to show you my world.